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Arthur shows off at Olympia 2015

Industry Insight May 28th, 2015
Arthur shows off at Olympia 2015

Arthur’s property management software is at Olympia June 4th 2015

Arthur’s unique property management solution seamlessly links your management team, with each other, your tenants, contractors, agents and owners. With mobile and web interfaces for each of your user groups Arthur has something for everyone.

This integrated approach will save you time and money as everything can be monitored and archived for future reference. Whether you’re at your office or away on holiday you can view and handle incoming issues, late rents etc. from your mobile app.

Arthur has been engineered around “Events”. When an event occurs you can define what you want Arthur to do- Send emails or raise a task. This means less to think about and less to do.

A recent blog on property management software and what to look for can be found here. This takes a non-biased look at what to think about when considering using technology to help manage your portfolio.

Independent Companies exist that help you find the right software for you. Worth exploring but many of the companies are currently US based.

Whilst we think Arthur’s unique approach to property management is the most innovative, it’s important that you research the market to see what suits your style of management the best.

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