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Arthur Connect / ArthurPay


Automatic reconciliation of incoming payments

Get in touch Pricing £2.00 per unit / per month


Accounting Platforms

£2.00 per unit / per month


Do you spend too much time and too many resources reconciling your rental payments?


Save hours a week with our brand new payment integration so you can focus on growing your business and increasing your revenue

With ArthurPay, you can save the wasted time on manually matching transactions and identifying who paid for what, thereby minimising staff costs.

ArthurPay enables tenants  to pay their rent, deposits and holding deposits with a few clicks via the Arthur Occupant App or via email. They will get instant confirmation that their payments have been received.


Key benefits:

  • Auto-reconcile
    • By providing you with an E-money account, using Modulr’s services, ArthurPay enables automatic reconciliation of incoming payments
  • Easy payments
    • ArthurPay also means that tenants can pay their rent and deposit with just a few clicks via the Arthur Occupant App or via an email link and get instant confirmation that their payments have been received

Supported payment methods


  • Open Banking
  • Bank Transfer
  • Standing Order
  • Direct Debit (coming soon)




  • Subscribers must hold a UK bank account to use our payments service
  • This service can only pay out to a single designated bank account. Therefore, it may not be suitable for Letting Agents that hold client money


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