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Rising House Prices Spark Sharp Rise in Tenant Evictions

Industry Insight July 16th, 2014
Rising House Prices Spark Sharp Rise in Tenant Evictions

Record numbers of tenants are being asked to pack their bags and leave their rented properties, despite being up to date with their rent.

The rising house prices and the current housing shortages are creating dilemmas for landlords. Many landlords have decided to capitalise on the increase in their property values and sell them on, or increase the rent in line with market prices.

Either way, this is creating many problems for tenants who either cannot afford the new rent, or are ending up homeless as a result. According to the Citizens Advice Bureaux, in the last year, there has been a 38% increase in tenants dealing with the threat of eviction.

“Competition for properties means that tenants are easy to replace, increasing insecurity for people trying to create a home in the private rented sector”, says Gilian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice Bureau.

In order for tenants to feel secure in their tenancies, it is vital that they are renting with reputable and reliable landlords. Effective property management is a key attribute of a reliable landlord, and Arthur Online creates total transparency between landlords and tenants, meaning tenants will not experience any unpleasant surprises.

Richard Lambert of the National Landlords Association says, “The NLA believes no one should live in fear of eviction or lose their home due to the poor management or criminal behaviour of their landlord.”

If you’re a landlord, letting agent, property manager or owner, find out how Arthur can improve the way you manage your tenancies by trying the free demo today!

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