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Unite’s new Oxford Acquisition

Student Housing December 11th, 2017
Unite’s new Oxford Acquisition

One of the leading UK student accommodation managers and developers, Unite, has announced its partnership with a development site in Oxford.

Since Unite’s foundation in 1991, the firm has housed more than 500,000 students across over 20 university cities in England and Scotland.  Unite provides en-suite bedrooms which includes bills, security and cleaning in the rent while providing convenient, safe accommodation to students studying across the UK.

The new proposed development will provide 885 beds which will add to their current existing portfolio to 1,350 beds with Oxford Brookes university.  Unite has agreed commercial terms with the university for a 25-year nomination agreement.

The 885  bed development will be delivered for the 2019/2020 academic year and will cost an approximated £75 million.

CEO of Unite Student, Richard Smith, commented: ”This acquisition represents another exciting step in Unite’s strategy of building long term partnerships with high quality universities.  It also shows our ability to continue adding to our market-leading portfolio of building in locations where there is a  shortage of affordable high-quality student accommodation and we can exploit our service platform to drive operating efficiencies.”

Registrar and Chief Operating Officer at Oxford Brookes University, Brendan Casey, said: ”Oxford Brookes University is pleased to be working with Unite to provide quality accommodation for students in Oxford.  Purpose built, managed halls of residence is a preferred option for the University as it helps meet an increasing demand for student accommodation while relieving pressure on the local housing needs. The proposed development is near existing Oxford Brookes hall of residence and is well connected with multiple bus routes including the University-funded BROOKESbus”

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