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The integrations are so flexible, we’ve been able to build our own unique processes using Arthur alone. It’s made management so much simpler.

Josh Keegan, Zest Properties

*Integration cost only, ongoing support and data validation services charged at £25+VAT per hour

All prices exc. VAT

Connected services
Tenant referencing£18.99 (per person)£16.99 (per person)£14.99 (per person)
Purchase a Xero Subscription£24/month£22.50/month£21.50/month
Digital signatureFrom £0.45 (per envelope)From £0.45 (per envelope)From £0.45 (per envelope)
SMS MessagesFrom £0.03 (per text)From £0.03 (per text)From £0.03 (per text)
Connection to Zoopla£10/month£10/month£10/month
Connection to Rightmove£10/month£10/month£10/month
Connection to StuRents£10/month£10/month£10/month
Credit checksFrom £3.25 (per person)From £3.25 (per person)From £3.25 (per person)
Rent guarantee insurance£120 (avg.)£120 (avg.)£120 (avg.)
Connection to Experian *£60 (one off)£55 (one off)£50 (one off)
Connection to Google Calendar£70 (one off)£65 (one off)£60 (one off)
Connection to Outlook Calendar£70 (one off)£65 (one off)£60 (one off)